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Arizona Sonora bike tour


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Azuur blauwe luchten, eindeloze vergezichten met 10.000 voet hoge bergen. Dit is het land van Geronimo, Cochise en de 250-jarige Saguaro Cactus en waar de zoete geur van de Desert Creosote Flower de lucht vult. Er zijn hier veel wilde dieren, van coyote tot woestijnschildpadden en zeldzame vogels. Je fiets over zonovergoten wegen, wandelt door prachtige landschappen en bezoekt boutique wijnhuizen. Ontdek de fasinerende Arizona Sonora woestijn, het Saguaro National Park, het Pima Air & Space Museum, Tombstone, Kartchner Caverns en nog veel meer.

6 dagen
254 km / 158 mi
$ 2,898.- / € 2,617.-
  • Alle maaltijden behalve 1 diner inclusief
  • Kan voor ieders niveau worden aangepast en er is op meerdere dagen de mogelijkheid om extra mijlen te fietsen.
  • Bagage vervoer inclusief.
  • Inclusief een wijnproeverij en Kartchner Caverns tour.
  • E-bike huur mogelijk
  • Aanbetaling voor deze tour 25%



6 dagen
Gemakkelijk = ongetraind, normale conditie
Gemiddeld = u fietst vaker, goede conditie
Uitdagend = ervaren, uitstekende conditie
Groepstour = met meefietsende gids
Individueel = met routes en kaarten
Met gids
Afstand per dag
40-60 km / 25-37 mi
Afstand totaal
254 km / 158 mi
Luxe = 4-5 sterren hotel of luxe B&B
Basis = 1-2 sterren hotel/motel of B&B
Camping = tent, sporthal of campus
Luxe, volpension
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Price 2020 tours from Februari: $2980.- single $ 782.-
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Internationale luchthaven Tucson
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Internationale luchthaven Tucson


Prijs per persoon
De tour prijs per person
$ 2,898.-
E- bike
Electric bike (e-bike): zoom up the hills for $200 USD for the tour
We request at least 60 days advance notice for one of these below. Please note that e-bikes are not available in all locations.
$ 200.-
E-bike high end
Orbea Avant M20D high-end carbon fiber bike with compact Ultegra gearing.
We request at least 60 days advance notice for one of these below. Please note that e-bikes are not available in all locations.
$ 300.-
1-pers. toeslag
Wanneer je alleen reist wordt een eenpersoonstoeslag gerekend. Bij sommige groeps tours kun je de eenpersoonstoeslag vermijden door een kamer te delen met een andere deelnemer.
$ 782.-


Day 1: Meet in Tuscon. Bicycle into unforgettable West Saguaro NP where colossal cacti soar nearly fifty feet in height.

Meet at one of three designated pick-up spots in Tucson. Shuttle to the marvelous Arizona Sonora Desert Museum for a tour while your guides prepare your bikes for the week. After a bike fit, pedal the Tucson Loop along the Rialto Riverbed into the Sonoran Desert, populated by Saguaro - the classic 'cactus' shaped plant one sees in cartoons - are a universal symbol of the American West. Surprisingly, they are rare as cacti go, found only in a small portion of the Sonoran Desert. Bicycle the quiet roads in Tucson Mountain Park and West Saguaro National Park, which protect some of the most impressive 'forests' of these mystical sub-tropical giants. Stay the next 3 nights at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort. 40 miles.
Distance: 42.2 miles, Elevation: +2,031 ft / -1,902 ft

Day 2: Explore Saguaro National Park East's Cactus Loop and ride through the singular cacti forests of the region.

Saguaro National Park East's 8-mile Cactus Forest Loop takes you on a cruise through the rare saguaro forests of this area. Stop here and there to take in views of the Rincon and Santa Catalina Mountains that surround the valley. Following a gloriously gourmet picnic lunch, ride back to Loews or hop in the van to shuttle back if you wish. Whatever you choose, you may want to save time for a visit to the marvelous Tucson Day Spa, located onsite at Loews. Meals: Breakfast Lunch,
Distance AM Ride: 26.6 miles Optional PM Ride: 20.9 miles
Elevation AM Ride: +1,479 ft / -1,319 ft Optional PM Ride: +859 ft / -998 ft

Day3: Choose between a hike into Ventana Canyon or a challenging ride up Mt Lemmon.

Ventana Canyon’s accessible-but-untouched state is something of a rarity. For years it had few visitors because one had to get permission from private landowners to reach it; only recently has an easement for the general public been acquired. So, today, hike into the Catalina Mountains – through hillsides forested with saguaro, ocotillo, prickly pear and fragrant mesquite trees, high into this gorgeous canyon with its magnificent views. Watch for hummingbirds and bighorn sheep!
If you prefer the cycling challenge, ride all or part-way up Mt. Lemmon – one of the biggest mountain-climbs you can tackle on a road bicycle. The good news is you don’t need to go all the way to the top for great vistas. Some of the best viewpoints occur after just a few miles of the climb! The whole round trip tallies some 76 miles with over 7400’ of climbing. Ouch.
Meals: Breakfast dinner

Day 4: Surprises, surprises - today is full of 'em, from the Elgin-Sonoita wine region to an inn known for its hundreds of butterflies.

Today holds plenty of surprises - the first being Elgin, Arizona, whose rich soils are almost a mirror image of those in Burgundy, France. Elgin was the first local region to engage in commercial wine-making. The wide-open spaces and sparkling skies of the upscale Sonoita area provide rich terroir for saucy Sauvignons, perky Pinots and tasty Tempranillos. Sample a few, then ride on to the beautiful, secluded Casa de San Pedro, where over 355 species of birds and hundreds of butterflies reside. Enjoy a family-style Mexican dinner.
Meals: Breakfast Lunch Dinner Lodging: Casa de San Pedro
Distance: 44.1 miles Elevation: +3,343 ft / -3,551 ft (or shorter)

Day 5: Pedal to scenic Coronado National Memorial for lunch and a tour. Enjoy the park, then cruise back to Casa de San Pedro for a second night.

Today, pedal back in time to Coronado National Memorial for lunch and a tour. In 1540, the expedition led by commander Francisco Vazquez de Coronado arrived, bringing hundreds of Europeans, Aztec/Mexica allies, and scores of servants and slaves. Their arrival left an indelible mark on the cultural landscape of this region - and sparked an era of cultural fusion. Explore the park, then after a picnic lunch, ride back for another night at tranquil Casa de San Pedro. 15-30 miles.
Meals: Breakfast Lunch Dinner Lodging: Casa de San Pedro
Distance: 44 miles Elevation: +2,367 ft / -2,368 ft (or shorter)

Day 6:Bicycle side roads to Tombstone then on to Kartchner Caverns, a stunning limestone cavern system.

Bicycle side roads to the Old Wild West in Tombstone. Once you've had your fill of this frontier boomtown, continue on to Kartchner Caverns, which boast world-class cave formations considered to be the best of their kind in the entire world. This cave was kept a secret for 14 years to protect it. In 1985, Governor Bruce Babbitt secretly left the state capitol with two bodyguards and spent three hours crawling through the cave's tight passages to reach the cave's showcase chambers, including the Big Room, Echo Passage and Cul-de-sac Passage. Open only since 1988, it is now a fascinating state park. Explore the caves, then head back to Tucson for your re-entry into the real world.
Meals Breakfast
Distance 29.5 miles Elevation +1,157 ft / -829 ft

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