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Great Alaska Highway Ride



Het ultieme wildernis racefiets Event! Je fietst de gehele lengte van de beroemde Alaska Highway. De Great Alaska Highway Ride, presenteert het beste van deze beroemde weg. We beginnen bij mijlpaal 0 in Dawson Creek, Canada en eindigen bijna 1400 mijl later bij mijlpaal 1422 in Delta Junction, Alaska. Deze monumentale fietstour slingerd door dichte bossen, over glooiende heuvels en door valleien die omringd worden door torenhoge bergketens bedekt met gletsjers.

Recreatief, Racefiets
25 dagen
2238 km / 1391 mi
$ 4,895.- / € 4,367.-
  • 8 Nachten motel.
  • 16 Nachten camping.
  • Maaltijden zijn inclusief (15 x ontbijt , 20 x lunch, 16 x diner).
  • Kampeeruitrusting inclusief.
  • Deskundige gidsen en een volgwagen.
  • Zorg ervoor dat je een dag voor de tour in Nisku-Edmonton (Canada) arriveert; de eerste dag begint namelijk al om 7 uur in de ochtend. De nacht voor en eventueel na de tour zijn niet inclusief.



Recreatief, Racefiets
25 dagen
Gemakkelijk = ongetraind, normale conditie
Gemiddeld = u fietst vaker, goede conditie
Uitdagend = ervaren, uitstekende conditie
Groepstour = met meefietsende gids
Individueel = met routes en kaarten
Met gids
Afstand per dag
100-120 km / 62-75 mi
Afstand totaal
2238 km / 1391 mi
Luxe = 4-5 sterren hotel of luxe B&B
Basis = 1-2 sterren hotel/motel of B&B
Camping = tent, sporthal of campus
Camping, volpension
Dagelijks bagagevervoer
10 jun 2019 - 05 jul 2019
Edmonton, Can (07.30)
Delta Junction (10.00)
Nisku (Edmonton Airport)
Vliegveld bij start
Edmonton Int. Airport (YEG)
Vliegveld bij eindpunt
Fairbanks Int. Airport (FAI)


Prijs per persoon
De tour prijs per person
$ 4,895.-
1-pers. toeslag
Wanneer je alleen reist wordt een eenpersoonstoeslag gerekend. Bij sommige groeps tours kun je de eenpersoonstoeslag vermijden door een kamer te delen met een andere deelnemer.
$ 1,050.-


Day 1:

We will gather in Dawson Creek in late afternoon, where you will have a chance to get your bike ready, meet your fellow riders and review the weeks to come.
Meals included: none

Day 2:

Cycling: 51 mi, Terrain: hilly,
We're off heading up the Alaska Highway. The tour starts off easy, with a short 50 mile warm up ride to our camp on the shores of scenic Charley Lake.
Meals included: B,L,D

Day 3:

Cycling: 88 mi, Terrain: hilly
Civilization bids us adieu as we continue north today. Old timers and guidebooks talk about Suicide Hill and the wooden Sikanni Chief Bridge along today's route, but they are only remembered with plaques now. We will camp in the forests of Pink Mountain, named for the rosy quartz outcroppings.
Meals included: B,L,D

Day 4:

Cycling: 68 mi, Terrain: hilly
Moose are known to frequent our next stretch of road, perhaps we will be lucky and see these forest giants. Our camp tonight is in Prophet River site of Lum & Abner's, one of the first cafés along the Alaska Highway.
Meals included: B,L,D.

Day 5:

Cycling: 57 mi, Terrain: hilly
Our last day in the rolling hills of British Columbia takes us to the Muskwa River (lowest point on the Alaska Highway) then into our first town Fort Nelson and a relaxing night in a motel (with a pool, a rare commodity up here).
Meals included: B,L.

Day 6:

Cycling: 71 mi, Terrain: mountainous
Your first big climb takes you up and over Steamboat Mountain. From our lunch spot on top you will catch a glimpse of the awesome Rocky Mountain grandeur that you will be riding through for the rest of the tour. We'll camp at Tetsa River Ranch tonight, the "Cinnamon Bun Center of the Galactic Cluster" (and yes they are that good !).
Meals included: L,D.

Day 7:

Cycling: 84 mi, Terrain: mountainous
We reach the highest point along the highway today, as we climb to Summit Lake, then descend into Stone Mountain Provincial Park. You have some great opportunity to see and photograph the Stone Mountain Sheep today. We'll finish the day in Muncho Lake Provincial Park.
Meals included: B,L

Day 8:

A layover day in Muncho Lake Provincial Park, perhaps some hiking, fishing, flightseeing or just lounging around on the porch of the lodge enjoying the spectacular views.
Meals included: none

Day 9:

Cycling: 36 mi, Terrain: downhill and small hills
An easy day with a great finish. It's a downhill run out of Muncho Lake Park as we head for the Liard River Valley. Here we will find Liard Hot Springs, an almost tropical enclave in the wilderness. A long afternoon soak in the hot springs is sure to work out all the kinks.
Meals included: L,D

Day 10:

Cycling: 75 mi, Terrain: hilly
Well rested and refreshed, we tackle our first century ride of the tour. Pretty much following the Liard River, we will be passing such colorful watering holes as Coal Creek and Contact Creek, before arriving at our stop, Fireside and its river side camp.
Meals included: B,L,D

Day 11:

Cycling: 67 mi, Terrain: small hills
t's a relatively easy ride to Watson Lake today, giving you ample time to explore the Signpost Forest, Museums and Northern Lights Theatre. 36 mi
Meals included: B,L.

Day 12:

Cycling: 75 mi, Terrain: flat
You'll pick up the Rancheria River today, following its course as it winds back and forth between British Columbia and the Yukon Territory. We'll be camping tonight at Rancheria Campground (and if you want a couple miles further down the road is Rancheria Falls, not very imaginative with their names eh?)
Meals included: L,D.

Day 13:

Cycling: 83 mi, Terrain: moderate hills,
We'll follow the Rancheria River for a while longer before crossing the Continental Divide today. .Our camp tonight enjoys scenic views of Teslin Lake.
Meals included: B,L,D.

Day 14:

Cycling: 41 mi, Terrain: flat
You'll be pedaling along the shores of Teslin Lake for most of today, with a chance to explore the museums of Teslin town, home of the Tlingit Indians. We'll set camp at Johnson's Crossing tonight on the banks of the Teslin River. The bakery here runs neck and neck with Tetsa for the best cinnamon buns in the world.
Meals included: B,L,D.

Day 15:

Cycling: 81 mi, Terrain: small hills
The last day of this leg takes us to the only real city along the Alaska Highway, Whitehorse (but still small with only 21,000 people; 31,000 in the entire Yukon Territory).
Meals included: B,L.

Day 16:

A free day in Whitehorse. There are museums to explore, trails to hike, rivers to canoe, coffee shops to relax in and more. Folks doing the shorter 10 day trip will be joining us today.
Meals included: none

Day 17:

Cycling: 97 mi, Terrain: small & moderate hills,
Our nearly century day. This ride takes us from the rolling hills around Whitehorse to the foot of the glacial shrouded St Elias Range. The scenery just gets better and better as your day progresses. We'll be camping in Haines Junction tonight at the foot of this spectacular mountain range.
Meals included: L,D.

Day 18:

Cycling: 50 mi, Terrain: small hills.
After yesterday's long ride, we have a couple of leisurely fifty milers. Today we are enroute to the turquoise colored Kluane Lake and the most beautiful of all our campgrounds, Cottonwood. You can enjoy a soak in their hot tub, with the lake on one side and the towering rugged mountains on the other.
Meals included: B,L,D.

Day 19:

Cycling: 83 mi, Terrain: flat
This morning's ride continues along Kluane Lake, with a stop at the Burwash Landing Museum. Afternoon will find us pedaling through the immense landscapes that characterize the next section of highway, untouched wilderness for as far as the eye can see. We'll stop at Lake Creek Provincial Park.
Meals included: B,L,D.

Day 20:

Cycling: 50 mi, Terrain: flat
Our last full day in Canada, takes us deeper into this wilderness region, with the Wrangell St Elias Range to our south and miles of untouched rolling forest lands to the north. We'll be bedding down indoors in Beaver Creek tonight.
Meals included: B,L.

Day 21:-

Cycling: 54 mi, Terrain: flat
We made it to Alaska! Twenty miles outside Beaver Creek we cross the border, then enjoy a ride across the Tetlin Wildlife Refuge enroute to our camp located on the shore of a beautiful lake within the refuge.
Meals included: L,D.

Day 22:

Cycling: 57 mi, Terrain: small hills,
A leisurely day takes us to Tok Junction. A popular stopping point for Alaska Highway travelers, it's a good chance to start picking up those mandatory gifts for folks back home.
Meals included: B,L,D.

Day 23:

Cycling: 112 mi, Terrain: small hills then flat
We're heading for Delta Junction and the end point of the Alaska Highway. A relatively flat but long ride through the Alaska Buffalo Range will bring us to Milepost 1422, the official end to the highway. Before everyone changes out of cycling gear, we will gather for some group photos to celebrate an awesome ride.
Melas included:B,L,D.

Day 24:

We will pack the bikes before a late morning shuttle folks to Fairbanks. You have most of the day free to explore as you see fit. We will gather at dinner time and enjoy a delicious Salmon Bake . . . all you can eat Salmon and Halibut . . . a cyclist's dream meal.
Meals included: B,D.

Day 25:

Shuttles will be available to Fairbanks Airport, throughout the day. See you next ride.
Meals included: none

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