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Our road cycling tour of the island loops around the valley nestled between two sleeping giants, Puu Kukui caldera to the West, and Mt. Haleakala to the East. Inside Maui’s 120 miles of coastline, we experience a surprising range of microclimates, from exotic gardens to rainshadow drylands, from sandy lagoons to snowy summits! With over 20 ecosystems and lots of hills, road cycling is always an adventure here. One minute we’ll be riding through a lush tropical rainforest, and the next we’ll turn the corner onto a huge, sunny lava flow, or drop down onto a private peninsula for some fresh, hot Hawaiian banana bread! The people on the island are just as diverse. Evenings are filled with the sights and scents of real island hospitality, where we are pampered with islands feasts, luaus, and hula dancing, and are offered our own oceanside ohanas (private beachhouses).

6 dagen
467 km / 290 mi
$ 3,953.- / € 3,222.-
  • Twee gidsen.
  • Alle maaltijden, van lunch op de eerste dag tot lunch op de laatste dag en snacks onderweg.
  • Ondersteunend voertuig en fietsonderhoud.
  • Eerste hulp.
  • Souvenir Shirt.
  • overnachting voor of na de tour niet inbegrepen.



6 dagen
Gemakkelijk = ongetraind, normale conditie
Gemiddeld = u fietst vaker, goede conditie
Uitdagend = ervaren, uitstekende conditie
Groepstour = met meefietsende gids
Individueel = met routes en kaarten
Met gids
Afstand per dag
60-80 km / 37-50 mi
Afstand totaal
467 km / 290 mi
Luxe = 4-5 sterren hotel of luxe B&B
Basis = 1-2 sterren hotel/motel of B&B
Camping = tent, sporthal of campus
Luxe, volpension
Dagelijks bagagevervoer
Niet inbegrepen
18 feb 2018 - 23 feb 2018
18 mrt 2018 - 23 mrt 2018
02 dec 2018 - 07 dec 2018
Kahului (10.00)
Kahului (17.00)
Vliegveld bij start
Kahului airport
Vliegveld bij eindpunt
Kahului airport


Prijs per persoon
De tour prijs per person
$ 3,953.-
huur fiets
Rental price on request
1-pers. toeslag
Wanneer je alleen reist wordt een eenpersoonstoeslag gerekend
$ 451.-


Day 1 | Kula

Total Mileage | 40 miles. Terrain | Rolling island hills, 100% Van Support.
After meeting in Kahului, we'll shuttle to the start of our first ride. We ride out past the only winery in Maui, with little to no vehicle traffic for nearly 40 miles. This ride provides a great introduction to Hawaii with views of the ocean, mountains, and even four of the other Hawaiian islands along the way. There is roughly 3,500 feet of elevation gain over this 40-mile ride.
Inn | Maui

Day 2 | Kahalui to West Maui Mountains

Total Mileage | 40 miles. Terrain | Rolling island hills, 100% Van Support.
We begin our ride today along the coastline of the Mauna Kahalawai (West Maui Mountains). This western quarter of the island is an eroded volcano that is much older than Mt. Haleakala in the east. Later we'll climb up 1,000 feet through classic Maui scenery: amazing valleys sprinkled with water falls, and majestic sea cliffs line our route. We also ride through the old Hawaiian fishing village of Kahakuloa where they still grow Taro. Taro is believed to be one of the first cultivated plants, and it is the base for Poi, a classic Hawaiian dish.
Inn | Maui

Day 3 | Kaanapali

Total Mileage | 40 miles. Terrain | Rolling island hills, 100% Van Support.
On today's ride we follow the coast as it winds around behind the West Maui Mountains, climbing about 2,500 feet during the day's 40 miles of riding. We stop to visit the idyllic village of Kahakuloa, one of the most isolated spots on Maui, before continuing on. As we ride, we pass some of the best surfing spots in the
world while taking in breathtaking ocean views with the islands of Molokai and Lanai in the distance. Our challenge for the day is one very steep 400 meter climb. With an 18% grade, it's no wonder it's referred to as "the wall." We finish our ride at a beach park, allowing a refreshing ocean swim to bring our day to a close.
Inn: Maui

Day 4 | Haleakala

Total Mileage | 36-72 miles. Terrain | Steep mountain roads, 100% Van Support
Get ready for 36 miles of climbing with 10,000 feet of elevation gain to, reach Maui's highest point; this is the longest paved climb in the world! Our ride begins at the foot of the volcanic mountain in wet, mild rain forest.
The scenery and temperature changes dramatically as we climb, passing through eight different climates on our way to the 10,023 foot summit. When we reach the peak we're rewarded with some incredible views and
quite a sense of accomplishment. After a relaxing break and plenty of picture-taking we wiz back down the mountain. While the epic ride up takes about 4.5 hours, we'll be back down at the bottom only 90 minutes after we begin our descent. Enjoy!
Inn | Maui

Day 5 | Haiku to Hana

Total Mileage | 44 miles. Terrain | Rolling island hills, 100% Van Support
Today we voyage through the rain forest and along the coast to Hana. Maui is understandably proud of Heavenly Hana's successful fight against overdevelopment and the destruction of their Hawaiian culture. When you make the trip over to Hana, you'll see why it's referred to as The Land That Time Forgot. Along the way we’ll take a refreshing break in Keanae ,village. A tropic atmosphere bursting with lush green foliage, combined with incredible views of both the ocean and Haleakala, make this one of the best rides on the planet! In Keanae we stop for hot banana bread, fresh from the oven. As we take our break, a dramatic scene unfolds before us as waves pound the lava rocks below. In all today we climb about 3,000 feet over 44 miles of riding.
Inn | Hana

Day 6 | Hana to Kahului

Total Mileage | 48 miles. Terrain | Rolling island hills, 100% Van Support.
Today we make the trek back to Kahului. Leaving Hana in the morning, we retrace our steps over the coastline. Everything looks different in the other direction and you’ll find yourself wondering if, in fact, this was really the
way you came! Take all the pictures and scenic breaks you need before our tour ends just where we started in Kahului.

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