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Twee wielen, vier bergen, zes dagen, een miljoen herinneringen! Geschikt voor ervaren fietsers die niet snel opgeven. Je wordt ondergedompeld in de ultieme Cascade Mountain fietservaring. Je rijdt door dichte bossen, langs glinsterende rivieren, bergtoppen met sneeuw, met weides gevuld met zomerbloemen en een vulkanisch maanlandschap, één van de meest indrukwekkendste landschappen van de Pacific Northwest. Mt Rainier NP beperkt zowel het aantal tours dat we kunnen uitvoeren (twee) als het aantal fietsers per tour (10), dus reserveer vroeg om een van de 20 gelukkige fietsers per jaar te zijn die deze tour mogen rijden!

Recreatief, Racefiets
6 dagen
476 km / 296 mi
$ 3,278.- / € 2,715.-
  • Op veel dagen heb je de mogelijkheid om extra mijlen te fietsen.
  • De hotels en Inn’s waar we overnachten zijn de beste die deze regio te bieden heeft.
  • Alle maaltijden ( exceptioneel dineren) inclusief, behalve 1 lunch en 1 diner.
  • Regionale gidsen en bagage vervoer inclusief.
  • Inclusief: Mt Rainier National Park., Mt St. Helens National Vulcanic Momument, Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.
  • E-bike huur mogelijk.
  • Aanbetaling voor deze tour 25%



Recreatief, Racefiets
6 dagen
Gemakkelijk = ongetraind, normale conditie
Gemiddeld = u fietst vaker, goede conditie
Uitdagend = ervaren, uitstekende conditie
Groepstour = met meefietsende gids
Individueel = met routes en kaarten
Met gids
Afstand per dag
80-100 km / 50-62 mi
Afstand totaal
476 km / 296 mi
Luxe = 4-5 sterren hotel of luxe B&B
Basis = 1-2 sterren hotel/motel of B&B
Camping = tent, sporthal of campus
Luxe, volpension
Dagelijks bagagevervoer
26 jul 2020 - 31 aug 2021
16 aug 2020 - 21 aug 2021
Vliegveld bij start
Seattle-Tacoma Int Airport SEA
Vliegveld bij eindpunt
Portland Int. airport PDX


Prijs per persoon
De tour prijs per person
$ 3,278.-
high-end carbon fiber bike
Orbea Avant M20D high-end carbon fiber bike with compact Ultegra gearing
Please note: All options not available in all locations. Please give at least 60 days advance notice. 
$ 300.-
Electric bike: zoom up those hills
Please note: All options not available in all locations. Please give at least 60 days advance notice. 
$ 200.-
Tandem road bike
Please note: All options not available in all locations. Please give at least 60 days advance notice. 
$ 500.-
E-bike High end
Orbea Avant M20D high-end carbon fiber bike with compact Ultegra gearing.
$ 300.-
1-pers. toeslag
Wanneer je alleen reist wordt een eenpersoonstoeslag gerekend. Bij sommige groeps tours kun je de eenpersoonstoeslag vermijden door een kamer te delen met een andere deelnemer.
$ 885.-


Day I: Ride from White River to Sunrise

We will be riding in the National Park before noon! Our first ride takes us first along the White River and then high up onto the north side of Mt. Rainier to the Sunrise Visitors Center at 6400 feet. Pedal up through dense forests to the tree line. Once on the ridge, pedal past alpine meadows while admiring the views that extend northward almost to Canada, and southward to the Tatoosh Range, Mt. Adams and beyond. Do your best to stay on the road! The mountain is so close you can feel the cooling breezes from the glaciers. After lunch at Sunrise, cycle back down and then up to Crystal Mountain ski resort where we spend the night at Quicksilver Lodge.
Meals: lunch ,dinner distance: 58 miles (or more) elevation = 5954 ft / -4851 ft

Day: 2 Pedal around Mt. Rainier National Park

Again, virtually all the cycling today is within Mt. Rainier National Park. Once we’ve descended from the ski area, we climb to Chinook Pass and Tipsoo Lake – arguably the prettiest pass in the Cascade mountains. After the pass, we coast downhill for 15 miles, losing 3500 feet of elevation. Have lunch beneath – and take a short walk through – the oldest grove of trees in the park before starting the climb to Paradise on a spectacular road that wends its way up the mountain from the southeast. Ancient trees tower overhead, waterfalls plunge over cliffs, streams cut through gorges and lakes reflect stunning mountain views. Traffic is less here, too, as most vehicles approach from the west. End the day at historic Paradise Inn on Mt. Rainier, which has hosted the likes of skater Sonja Henie and President Harry Truman. The accommodations at this classic National Park Inn have been beautifully redone over the last two years – come see the improvements!
Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner Distance: 57 mi Elevation: +7348 ft / -6270 ft

Day 3: Spend the day in Paradise

Paradise defies all superlatives and is simply too amazing to miss. The revered naturalist and National Parks advocate, John Muir, described Paradise as “… the most luxuriant and the most extravagantly beautiful of all the alpine gardens I ever beheld in all my mountain-top wanderings.” Local natives referred to these gardens as Sahalee Illahee, “land of peace”. We find it hard to come up with any higher recommendations. Hiking trails abound at Paradise. Marmots, black bear mountain goats and black-tailed deer abound as well. Go for a walk or hike on your own. Spend some time at the Visitors Center. Or just relax, read a book and soak up the views from the Inn. Lunch and dinner are on your own today.
Meals: breakfast

Day 4: Ride along a river through the Gifford Pinchot National Forest towards Mt. St. Helens

Ride alongside a river through the Gifford Pinchot National Forest along a little-used country road heading toward Mt. St. Helens. Approach from the northeast, cycling straight into the route that the exploding gases and ash took during the eruption of May 18, 1980. At first the evergreen forest looks normal, but then we notice pebbles of white pumice on the forest floor. Going further, we see that some trees have lost branches. Then standing dead trees appear, then trees that were knocked down by the blast. They lie like spilled toothpicks on the hillside, their trunks all neatly pointing to the still smoldering crater. Devastation seems complete until we crest a ridge and view the ultimate — no trees. Here the hot volcanic gases blasting at over 500 miles per hour not only knocked everything down, but literally blew it all away. From a vista overlooking log-filled Spirit Lake, a park ranger tells us the incredible story of the explosion, the current buildup of a cinder cone in the volcano’s crater, the dramatic increase in volcanic activity since September 2004, the amazing reemergence of life in the 1980 blast zone, and the possibility of a future eruption. Awesome! From Mt. St. Helens we van to the Columbia River and the elegant Skamania Lodge – a full service resort where we spend the night.
Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Distance and elevastion: to Packwood 28 mi, +271 ft / -4618 ft. to Windy Ridge 11 mi, +1716 ft /-609 ft.

Day 5: Ride through the apple and pear orchards of the Hood River Valley.

Friday’s ride is through the apple and pear orchards of the Hood River Valley. Later, pass through thick forests of tall firs in Mt. Hood National Forest as we wind around the mountain and finish the day with a climb to Timberline Lodge (famous for its place in The Shining). Spend the night here and enjoy a superb meal in a spectacular setting: at an elevation of 6,000 feet, the views are majestic.
Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner. Distance: 60 mi elevation: +8233 ft / -2703 ft

Day 6: Cruise down the flanks of Mt. Hood

Enjoy a lovely, long and well-earned cruise down the flanks of Mt. Hood to a gourmet picnic among the red cedars of Meinig Park. After lunch continue on winding roads beside a river and through a wooded canyon in Mt. Hood National Forest, all the way to the outskirts of Portland. Take a short shuttle to the Portland airport, airport hotels, and downtown Portland hotels.
Meals: breakfast, lunc. Distance: 40 mi elevation: +1463 / -6413

* This is a general itinerary. Tour itineraries are subject to change based on the group, available accommodations and other unforeseen circumstances such as the weather, local conditions, government intervention, that may affect the quality of the trip and/or safety of the participants. Please view this itinerary as an outline as to what to expect on this tour.

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